Deck 8 Corridor

Here are some more images that we can play with... Keep scrolling to the end!

A few more options in the same style that I originally proposed:

As I explained to Catherine, it is hard to get street level and/or perspective shots of Honfleur because there are always cars/car reflections, ugly drain pipes/electrical wiring, or advertisements/names of specific shops, etc. That said, here are a few images that might be a bit closer to what you were looking for with more context, they are still mainly frontal view unfortunately, but maybe some might work? (Click on them for bigger view.)

Playing with sepia filter which could also be put on other images above and in different tones to match the flooring:

Another totally different idea/approach... What about using Honfleur harbour reflection pictures for the special laminate in the corridor? (I have MANY different shots...) The sepia colours are also strong here, along with a few other pops of colour.