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Autumn Equinox Meditation Weekend

  • Dijken, The Netherlands Netherlands (map)
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An opportunity to deeply (re)connect with yourself through a nourishing weekend of meditation, delicious seasonal food made with love, and time outside in the countryside!

Take this weekend to completely unplug and just be with yourself—to allow yourself to simply be as you are, however you are.  Kimberly & Davide create an open, loving and safe space to explore and (re)discover your most authentic being.

The intimate weekend (max 12 participants) will consist of sessions of meditation practice, including the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and learn from each other. We will also bring the mindfulness, awareness and spaciousness of meditation into whatever we are doing. There also will be plenty of space to have some alone time, take a walk in the countryside, or just do nothing! 

The mornings will be in silence but there will also be times to just relax and enjoy being together.   

On the Saturday evening, we will also have an optional seasonal ritual to celebrate the Autumn Equinox, a time of the year when day & night are in perfect balance, a time of  harvest and a time to move more inwardly as we prepare and set our intentions for the winter months. 

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The retreat will take place in a beautiful spacious old house in the middle of the famous Frisan Lake distract with amazing views and skies. This special and unspoiled environment is the ideal setting for a weekend retreat, a place where the mind naturally settles and where you can relax and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings.

There is a sauna, outdoor heated swimming pool (in case the weather is still warm!), various terraces in the large garden, various living rooms to relax in, and direct access to the Frisian Lakes.

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The farmhouse is beautifully and simply decorated and has the perfect combination of lovely group spaces and private rooms.  

The meditation sessions will take place in a unique spacious space in the middle of the house with cathedral ceilings and abundant natural light. 

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We will be nourished with fresh and home-cooked seasonal vegetarian meals made with love by Davide, who is a great Italian cook. He will use the best and highest quality ingredients (organic wherever possible). Davide is also a long-term meditation practitioner, teacher and scholar of Buddhist philosophy, so you can also ask him questions! He will be a great presence in helping to hold the space of retreat.

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What Previous Participants Have Said:

“Thank you Kimberly and Davide for creating such a welcoming, open, relaxing environment. I felt totally cared for with Kimberly’s experienced and calm approach and Davide’s truly wonderful cooking. The accommodation and location was fantastic. The perfect antidote to an overcharged, urban, frequent traveller lifestyle!” —Laura, Den Hague


"I felt so taken care of: a beautiful warm place to stay, great food and really nice people. Great teacher. Wonderful experience." —Nastasja, Culemborg


“I really enjoyed Kimberly’s method of teaching. Very honest, beautiful, understanding, loving, open and completely non-judgemental.” —Brina, Amsterdam


“Wonderful. A great break away from the city. Calming and peaceful. Thanks Kimberly and Davide!” —Laura, Amsterdam


“Can only praise the absolute pleasure of such a retreat. Learnt a lot. Was taken further, on many levels, in a very positive non-demanding manner. All my senses were aroused. An overall pleasure!” —Christine, Amsterdam


Provisional Daily Schedule


  • from 4pm                 arrival at the farm (time to relax, walk, settle in)
  • 6:30-7pm                 welcome session
  • 7 – 8 pm                   dinner
  • 8 – 9 pm                   meditation session 
  • 9 pm                         relax by the fire, enjoy the sauna
  • 10pm                         bedtime


silence until lunch

  • 8 – 10am                     group space open for individual yoga practice, time to rest, walk in nature
  • 8 – 9:30am                 breakfast
  • 10 – 11 am                   meditation session 
  • 11 – 11.30am                tea break
  • 11.30am – 12.30pm     meditation session
  • 1 – 2pm                       lunch
  • 2 – 3pm                      free time
  • 3 – 4pm                      meditation session
  • 4 - 4:30pm                 tea break
  • 5 - 6pm                      meditation session
  • 7 – 8pm                      dinner
  • 8 – 10pm                     relax by the fire, enjoy the sauna, optional seasonal ritual


silence until lunch

  • 8 – 10am                     group space open for individual yoga practice, time to rest, walk in nature
  • 8 – 9:30am                 breakfast
  • 10 – 11 am                   meditation session 
  • 11 – 11.30am                tea break
  • 11.30am – 12.30pm     meditation session
  • 1 – 2pm                       lunch
  • 2 – 3pm                      free time
  • 3 – 4pm                      concluding session



  • Single room (double bed), only 3 available: 550 euros with private bathroom, 495 euro with shared bathroom
  • Double room for couples (double bed): 945 with private bathroom, 890 euro with shared bathroom for two people 
  • Double room (twin beds): 445 euros per person with shared bathroom (please indicate if there is someone you'd prefer to share with.)

All toilets are shared. 

For those who would find it helpful, payment can be in 2 or 3 installments.


What is included:

  • full retreat programme 
  • two nights accommodation
  • full board (6 meals: breakfast x 2, lunch x 2, dinner x 2) as well as coffee, tea, snacks
  • sheets (made bed) & towels
  • all other taxes/fees: cleaning fee, 21% VAT, tourist tax, 'nature' tax


What is not included:

  • Transportation: the farmhouse is not easily accessible by public transportation. It is located in Dijken, Friesland and the best way to reach it is by car. We can connect people who need a ride, or would like to jointly hire a rental car.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all. You can email Kimberly here or register below.