Honfleur: final cabin options

Please find below the final options for the cabins. Hopefully, there are some images in here that we will all be happy with!


After our previous conversation and on reflection (e.g. that people might be afraid of the sea), I wonder if it is best that we head back towards the more abstract feel? To this effect, I added back in the original image that we chose for the cabin, but have lightened it up a bit.

I've also added some new possibilities based on your feedback (relaxing, soft, nothing too "tormented", "scary" or "spooky", too dark/night, or with too much contrast), the colour scheme of the cabins and my existing portfolio.

I haven't quite been able to solve how to bring "hot" colours to warm up the atmosphere in the inside cabins that also fit with the turquoise and are naturally occurring images...  I wish!

And here are some new similar sunset options (which I think are interesting in terms of encouraging sleep), not all with sand I'm afraid, but I've tried to lighten them up so they are not as dark as previous options. I suggest we do not include the previous #11  (yellow with blue sea) since after looking closely at it, I think the movement of the sea could be unsettling for people.

And three last options! Maybe a bit too dark/intense/spooky : ) ?

And a few completely different options/possibilities...

Beach Details (sky reflected in sand)