Photographie pour le Honfleur

While in Normandie, touched by the memory of the great artists that flocked to these beautiful coastlines, I was inspired to explore how we could bring impressionism in a modern way on the Honfleur through photography. To explore how we could share impressions—giving the feeling, the spirit, the soul—of this special piece of France, beyond documentary representations.

This impressionist feeling is already evident in the cabin images with the focus on colour and light, but I thought that this is something that we could explore throughout the ship, by playing with reflections for example, as above (I fell in love with the Honfleur harbour reflections), and by exploring motif—seeing how the same place could be completely transformed by weather, by light, by time... 


Below you will find the current options for the imagery in the cabins. They are a combination of previous images and ones that I recently made in Normandie. They are in the proper dimensions so you can get a better idea of how they will actually look on the bunk.

The turquoise is the exact colour of the foil that will be used in the cabin. In terms of what we actually do with the side panels, I suggest that we first choose the main images themselves because what we do with each panel will very much depend and differ on the individual chosen images.

One simple idea is to print a small band of white that matches the white frame surrounding the entire bunk to give the illusion of a frame around the photograph as I've done below.

Click on each image below to see it in a larger size.

Then, in terms of the corridors, some beginning explorations/ideas below...

Please click on an individual image to see a larger size in a lightbox.

Pont de la Côte Fleurie

Pont des Plages de Normandie