Styling With Art: Agnes Martin-Inspired Abstract

This week’s styling with art takes inspiration from Tate Modern’s Agnes Martin exhibition. These minimalist furnishings and artworks prove that anyone can bring a little abstract spirituality into the home.

(To learn more about Agnes Martin's and to purchase her work, there is a wonderful page dedicated to her on

Martin’s body of work encapsulates remarkable abstract minimalist pieces, including the delicate pastel colour washes that became her signature. Channelling Asian belief systems, Martin’s work was underpinned by the intrinsic belief that art should be inspired by spirituality and not intellect. Her works, although minimalist, eloquently evoke pure emotions - and as Martin's gallerist Arne Glimcher said, within her artwork the viewer experiences a pure state of existence.

It only takes a few statement pieces to transform your home, and we shall begin with this striking artwork by Kimberly Poppe. Whilst Poppe employs bolder colours in her works, and so is perhaps not the obvious choice, Poppe’s work has an immense feeling of spirituality. In her own words, she creates art that gives people's minds the space to rest. Shot through long exposures at dusk, the weather, light and water create an illusion of floating bands of colour, culminating in a single moment of perfection.