2. Meditation Course—Exploring the Senses


2. Meditation Course—Exploring the Senses


2. Meditation—Exploring the Senses

This course will explore using the senses (primarily sound, physical sensations, and sight) as a support for meditation and for becoming more present in your life. Each week will focus on exploring a different sense both in “formal” meditation practice as well as informally throughout the day, while walking, while eating, and more. This course helps to integrate the mindfulness, awareness and spaciousness of meditation into all situations, bringing more joy into your everyday experience!

time options: 

• Tuesdays: 20, 27 February & 6, 13 March3pm UTC* (group 1) 

• Wednesdays: 21, 28 February & 7, 14 March9am UTC (group 2) or 7:30pm UTC (group 3) 

• Thursdays: 22 February & 1, 8, 15 March12 noon UTC (group 4)

* UTC is Coordinated Universal Time (similar to GMT), please click on the times above to translate to your local time equivalent.

Live classes are one hour. Please select the group you'd like to join based on your time zone.

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