3. Meditation Course—Exploring Thoughts and Emotions


3. Meditation Course—Exploring Thoughts and Emotions


3. Meditation—Exploring Thoughts & Emotions

This course will explore developing a different relationship with our thoughts and emotions, to be able to make friends them and use them to our advantage, instead of being used by them. We will particularly focus on exploring emotions—understanding what they are, becoming more familiar with them through mindfulness and awareness of physical sensations and exploring different ways to allow them to be and then move through. 

• Tuesdays: 27 March & 3, 17, 24 April3pm UTC* (group 1)

• Wednesdays: 28 March & 4, 18, 25 April9am UTC (group 2) or 7:30pm UTC (group 3)

• Thursdays: 29 March & 5, 19, 26 April12 noon UTC (group 4)

* UTC is Coordinated Universal Time (similar to GMT), please click on the times above to translate to your local time equivalent.

Live classes are one hour. Please select the group you'd like to join based on your time zone.

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