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Meditation Courses

Are you hungry for a practice that gives you the tools to improve your experience of life? When you practice meditation on a regular basis, you can experience beautiful benefits. From better concentration to less stress. But it needs practice! That's why we are offering four of our weekly meditation classes in a course format. You can follow them in sequence as a three/four month-course or take each separately—depending on your preference and wishes. 

Each one of these courses will run each month (resuming in September 2017) for 4 or 5 weeks at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam. It includes:

— The actual weekly class

— Advice for integrating meditation into your everyday life 

— Guidance for how to establish a daily meditation habit throughout the rest of week 

— Access to guided meditations on audio, in collaboration with bodhi 

Meditation: The Fundamentals (beginners)

This course will establish all the fundamentals needed to give you the confidence to practice meditation. It will explore both mindfulness and awareness, using the breath as a support to help settle the mind, as well as exploring just allowing yourself to be, to rest, just as you are.


Meditation: Exploring the Senses (all levels)

This course will explore using the senses (primarily sound, sight and physical sensations) as a support for meditation. This practice helps to integrate the mindfulness, awareness and spaciousness of meditation into all situations in everyday life. It is helpful if students have had some previous grounding in meditation (focusing on the breath for example) as a basis for this course.


Meditation: Exploring Thoughts & Emotions (experienced)

This course will explore developing a different relationship with our thoughts and emotions, to be able to make friends them and use them to our advantage, instead of being used by them. It is helpful if students have had previous experience in meditation, preferably taking the two previous courses, The Fundamentals and Exploring the Senses.


The Loving Kindness meditation course which can be taken at any time, on its own or alongside the other 4-week meditation courses.

Loving Kindness (all levels)

This course will explore gently cultivating loving-kindness towards oneself and others.  The intention of this practice is to send well-being and happiness to oneself and the world around us. It is a wonderful way to begin to plant the seeds of love within that will also impact our way of being in our lives. It is helpful if students have had some previous grounding in meditation (focusing on the breath for example) as a basis for this course.